Henryk Walenty Orlowski-Krakowiak
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HENRYK REALTY INC 6440 Avondale Dr, Ste 200, Nichols Hills, OK 73116 405 843 2522 henryk4u@gmail.com
  • Community Events

    Wisdompreneurs: 2017 Clarity & Inspired Action Plans
    12-6-16 7:00 pm - Full Circle Book Store
    Wisdompreneurs Oklahoma - Meetup @ the OKC ELC

    Our Wisdompreneurs group has seen individuals experience such phenomenal shifts in business maturity and personal understanding this year ~ TY and Congratulations! As we close in on 2017, the biggest 'ASK' that has bubbled up in the group, is...

    5th Annual "A Very Merry Bricktown Christmas!"
    12-6-16 7:00 pm - Full Circle Book Store
    OKC Photo Adventures

    A Very Merry Bricktown Christmas! Last year's trip was a lot of fun. There are a lot of very colorful objects to photograph around Bricktown during the holidays. And since it was really cold again last year I'm moving the date up a little in...