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  • Community Events

    Understanding Your Astrology Chart
    10-22-16 2:00 pm - Radiant Living Center
    The Oklahoma City Law of Attraction Meetup Group

    In this class, we look at the basics of your astrology chart and answer your questions about astrology. We consider why events repeat in your life, your destiny, challenges that are unique to you, past lives, and your special gifts. Newbies are...

    10-22-16 2:00 pm - Radiant Living Center
    Sacred Circle for Lightworkers

    Costume Party and Readers! ELVIS will sing!!  Entry only $5 wearing a costume & bring a food item (chips don't count), or $10 costume but no food, or $15 no costume & no food item. Angel, tarot, astrology, healer, palm readers $1 minute! Prizes,...

    Halloween Party
    10-22-16 2:00 pm - Radiant Living Center
    Astrology, Shamanic Journeys and Crystals with Raven

    Well Well here we are at the holiday we all love to dress up for. There is going to be a party and you are invited. We will have astrology readings by Raven and palm readings by Patti and psychic readings by many others. More details will follow...