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  • Community Events

    Sandip Patel : Ask Me Anything (#ama on Slack)


    **This is an online only event. Join 202 members on Slack to participate in this conversation. Request an invite here:  Sandip Patel is CEO at Bit Confused and his team recently launched the newest version of...

    Introduction to F#

    OKC Functional Programming

    Speaker: Aaron Krauss F# is a functional programming language that runs within the .NET framework. In this talk, we'll review what it means to be a functional language (because who doesn't need a good recap) and how F# ties this together with the...

    How to Analyze Apartments September Class with Ed Zinnamon

    Millionaire Possibilities REIA

    Tuesday, September 26th, Ed Zinnamon will be teaching How to Analyze Apartments.  This class will cover the following: •  How to review and analyze financial reports given by sellers •  Understanding a Pro Forma, Cap Rates, and Cash on...