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  • Community Events

    2-26-17 6:00 pm - School of Metaphysics
    Introverts Making Friends, OKC

    This will be a recurring weekly event. As the regulars know, many of us are not very good at bowling and it is just for fun and not competitive. Newcomers are welcome and encouraged.

    A Date With Lindy Hop. Lesson 4
    2-26-17 6:00 pm - School of Metaphysics
    The OKC Swing Dance Collective

    Lesson 4 of our February series builds on the previous lessons with the classic lindy patterns. After this lesson you should have the basic framework and shape of Lindy Hop to build a beautiful relationship on. These classes are set to build on...

    ¨SIR¨ Society for Intuitive Research
    2-26-17 6:00 pm - School of Metaphysics
    OKC School of Metaphysics

    School of Metaphysics Intuitive Reports are an outgrowth of the research and teaching of humankind’s potential spanning forty years. They are provided by partners in Spirit who have received education and training in using Subconscious Mind to...